5 Ways That Landscaping Pays Off

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Landscaping is very much an investment in your home, for it provides direct financial benefits. Landscaping can both increase value for you and help you save money. Here's a look at some of the specific ways that investing in your home's landscaping could pay off. Increases Your Home's Value A well-landscaped yard will increase

How to Keep Your Most Aggressive Plants From Spreading

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When you are setting up your landscaping, you may decide to plant an invasive plant. These plants may spread to a part of your yard where you would like to grow something else. For instance, you may have a shrub that tries to spread onto a lawn that you are trying to keep separate.

Make the Most of Your Backyard With Landscape Zones

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Some homeowners want more than a large open backyard fringed with flowers or hedges. Their likes and their lifestyle require them to have areas that allow various activities. They may want a place for friends to gather or a spot for the children to play. You can enjoy a range of activities by establishing

Solid Improvements: How Hardscapes Help Your Landscape

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If your yard, garden, or green space could use something more, don't let potential landscaping labor deter you. While adding gardens, planting trees, and mowing grass can be tedious, hardscapes can provide a bit of polish without the back-breaking work. Make some solid improvements in your landscaping with hardscapes! Sensible Symmetry Bring a sense

5 Steps to Create a Low Maintenance Island Bed

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Low maintenance island beds can cut back on time spent maintaining your lawn and can free up time for doing gardening elsewhere on your property. Island beds also have an elegant, trim appearance that can boost curb appeal and make your home look better for guests. These tips can help you create a low

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