Benefits of Landscape Curbing

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Professional landscaping is one of the best home investments you can make. An attractive, well-kept yard enhances the curb appeal of your home and increases its value. Plus, certain features reduce the amount of time you spend on yard work. Here’s why landscape curbing is a must-have. Adds Value Permanent landscape borders made from a durable

3 Unexpected Benefits Of Landscape Curbing

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If you're tired of looking at your lackluster landscaping but aren't sure where to begin when it comes to improvement, you may want to give some thought to installing (or redoing) some concrete or stone curbing. Curbing, or the solid borders that surround gardens, water features, and other landscaping elements, can create a brand-new

Lawn Equipment and Landscaping, Curb, and Edging Materials

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Lawn and landscape edging controls the spread of mulch, defines the edges of paths, and prevents the spread of plants. However, edging can also create extra work if it's routinely damaged by mowing and trimming equipment. Metal and plastic edging materials are popular and affordable, but they aren't the most durable options when it

5 Care and Maintenance Tips for New Concrete Landscape Curbing

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The new concrete landscape curbing on your lawn enhances your property's value and adds a decorative touch that increases the curb appeal. Now you want to do everything you can to preserve the gorgeous appearance of your new landscaping feature. While concrete is designed to be durable, it is susceptible to wear and tear

How to Create a Gorgeous Border Garden Around a Tree

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Attractive landscaping should consist of more than a lawn. In fact, an attractive landscaping garden can improve the appearance of your house, increasing its value. Most gardens need a focal point, and decorative trees are a great choice. A border adds shape to your landscaping garden and keeps the plants from creeping into your

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